Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What does $1.00 buy you?

A lot of places(mainly fast food) would try to have you believe that you can't get much for $1.00. In fact, most will come out and say that... Except for their extrordinary value menu in which case they do you a huge favor. Now I'm going to do what I do best, demonstrate.

At your local 7/11 you can find very affordable fine dining(so they'd have you think!). As you walk through the slurpie sticky floor you'll find yourself standing in front of the greasy, warm, rolling mecca of the hot dog. And yes, two hot dogs for, get this, two dollars. Basic math would then dictate that 2/2 = 1(excluding applicable taxes. $1.07 in my state) therefore, each hot dog, is a meager dollar.

So at 7/11 $1.07 buys you:

That's an ok deal. Now, run to Wal-Mart. for 4.69 plus applicable taxes(7% here in Florida) and 2.14(Plus Applicable taxes) You get 16 hotdogs(Ballpark, w00t!) and 16 buns. Now not necessarily basic math dictates that: (4.69 + 2.14) x 1.07(my tax) = $7.31 / 16(number of hot dogs) = $0.46 per hot dog.

So at home $1.07 buys you:

+ 33/100 of another

And that my friends is why I eat at home, unless my Girlfriend wants to eat out. In which case I won't go over those numbers.

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