Friday, September 21, 2007

Minimize Debt - Credit Cards / Student Loans

I'm going to compile a list of ways to minimize debt, some will be obvious, but I'm really going to try my best to come up with some creative ways.

1. Consolidate Credit Debt - Try to put all of your credit card balances on to one low interest credit card. This is called a balance transfer. Many financial institutions actually offer great rates if you do balance transfers over to their card.

2. Pay off necessary credit debt - Figure out which credit cards have the highest interest rate, then pay those off.

3. Don't use your credit card! - Many people think that credit cards equal free money, they don't. In fact, you're paying to use someone else's money. Credit cards are costly money. Once you pay a credit card off, cut it in half if you must, but don't use it unless it is an emergency.

4. Don't carry a balance - Almost all, if not all, credit cards give you a 25 day grace period. What does this mean? You have 25 days to pay off whatever you charged to your credit card without accruing interest.

5. Student Loans - If you have multiple federal student loans, they actually have a program for consolidating those(Here). If you have other student loans then there are programs out there. I'm working on compiling a list to help.That is all I have for now, but when I have more time and get more ideas, I'll be sure to post them. Have a great day.

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